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Michelle Proffitt

Public Safety Information Director
University of South Carolina

Michelle Proffitt is a content creator and brand storyteller. She recently joined the University of South Carolina Division of Law Enforcement and Safety as the agency’s first Public Safety Information Director. Before this role, she served on the public information teams of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department (SC) and Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office (FL), and spent some time working in private sector marketing.

Michelle specializes in content curation and community management across all social channels. She provides graphic design direction, manages agency branding assets, and oversees photography and videography projects. She is passionate about implementing the right tools to meet the right audiences where they’re at.

Michelle holds a Master of Arts degree in Integrated Marketing Communication from Marist College (NY) and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts from Franciscan University of Steubenville (OH).


Michelle Proffitt’s Session

How Social Media Listening Can Help Government Agencies Preemptively De-Escalate Issues

What's better than putting out rumors? Putting them out before they even start!

You’re not on the road or out in the field every day; you’re not on the other end of a call into dispatch or at the front desk of your agency. Sure, you get the comments, calls, and emails that come in from the public, passed on by others. Maybe you hear about citizen complaints and commendations from Internal Affairs.

But, how do you gauge public sentiment? How do you put out the rumor fires before they start? Oftentimes, people take to social media to vent and share—when they’re happy, upset, and concerned. If you’re not actively listening to what’s going on, you’re missing out big time.

Social listening gives agencies an opportunity to view, analyze and respond to conversations involving their communities and services that may have otherwise been missed.

Meet your audience where they’re at.

In this session:

- We’ll discuss ways for you to better connect with your public online

- We’ll discover social listening tools to help you hear what's being said about your agency in real-time

- We’ll evaluate what happens when you don’t engage in active social listening

Who this session is for: Public Information Officers or Social Media Managers who maintain social communications for their agencies.

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