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The social media tools your organization needs to scale

It is predicted that social media spend as a percentage of a marketing budget will continue to increase to nearly 21% in five years.  As both company and personal use of social media grow, so will the needs for marketers to be on more social networks, creating more content, and engaging with more users in order to reach social media strategy objectives.

At the same time, employee advocacy and influencer marketing initiatives are part of the reason why more corporate marketers are bringing social media back from their agency in-house, with those companies not working with outside agencies for their social media doubling in the past year. While these initiatives are close to a company's branding and culture and are strategic in nature, they also require a lot of resources to manage relationships with both internal and external advocates.

As brands take on the role of agency, they need to, in essence, prepare an infrastructure to manage the madness that social media can seem like while reaching strategic objectives. In essence, brands are learning, for a variety of different reasons, that they need to scale.

Scaling in social media is only possible through a few different ways, one of them being the smart use of tools and technology. As more companies invest in a more robust in-house program, making the right investment in the most appropriate technology can significantly improve the efficiency, quality, and ultimately the ROI of your social media program.

In this keynote presentation, Neal Schaffer, CEO of Maximize Your Social, will show you how to create a rational social media infrastructure that can scale together with a review of the technological landscape of what is possible with social media tools and teach you:

  • The elements necessary to scale your social media program
  • The role of technology to help you achieve scale
  • The different types of technology that exist for different social media objectives to drive greater ROI
  • How to perform a social media technology audit

Neal Schaffer
Maximize Your Social

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