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Case study: How to take your content creation from primitive to sophisticated

In today’s world, students want to engage with colleges and universities on their terms, and that means in the digital space. In fact, 72% of prospective students already have a short list of colleges before they contact school representatives -- according to student data by networking company LinkedIn -- so it’s important higher education professionals have a strong content strategy already in place if they hope to retain their limited audience.

What’s more, last year email was the No. 1 digital channel used, but it tied for second with social media in regards to marketing success among colleges and universities, reports international higher education network QS Digital Solutions. Part of the problem is that many institutions aren’t leveraging their existing content in the right way, or fail to develop content that connects with their audiences.

Faced this dilemma at her own institution (and with successful social platforms in mind), Kaitlyn Wells, Assistant Director of Admissions at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, developed a “visual-first” approach to SIPA’s email content creation, which easily transferred to the rest of the digital plan. In this session, Kaitlyn will discuss how she increased engagement by revamping a dying admissions marketing strategy and created a personalized and dynamic digital communications plan for prospective, applicant, and admitted students. 

If you’ve inherited a lackluster communications plan or are looking for fresh ideas to enhance your own plan, this session will offer insights on how to make your content more robust for your audiences.

You will learn:

  • How to develop a year-long communications plan
  • Where to find free and paid source content
  • Advanced tools everyone should know to be a successful (email) content creator, including basic HTML, Adobe Creative Cloud software, and photography, etc.

Kaitlyn Wells
Columbia University

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