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Building, launching and measuring your employee advocacy program (Part 1)

Employee Advocacy programs encourage employees to participate in communication eorts. When culture, content, and social media sharing fall into place, your company achieves advocacy, and becomes a true social business. Social media education is a top priority for most companies according to Altimeter Group. However, there's a huge knowledge gap where employees are not comfortable sharing content to social networks (mostly because they're scared that what they're saying is not OK). On top of that, most companies do NOT have a social media education program in place. In order to retain employees and invest in their professional development, you need to invest in training and new skills – like this workshop! 

Employee Engagement & Advocacy programs help with the on-going training and habit forming of day-to-day social media use, while building the thought leadership of your employees and achieving your strategic business goals. With an employee social media program, you can showcase your culture and employer brand, improve brand health, increase lead generation, find better sources for talent, improve efficiencies in work and communications, and have an on-going investment in employee knowledge.

It’s clear to most companies that Employee Advocacy programs are crucial to keep employees engaged in this digital age. This workshop will prepare you by giving you the following knowledge to take back and execute on in your organization…

  1. What to prepare before launching an Employee Advocacy program
  2. What goals to measure
  3. How to set-up KPIs
  4. How to train employees 
  5. How to launch and scale the program globally across your enterprise

Ryan Peña
Be The Match

Stephanie Malatesta

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