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At each of our Social Media Strategies Summits, we always have a great audience who tweets all kinds of gems throughout the event - quotes, feedback, questions, places to meet up - and we love it!

From past evaluations, we knew that we were creating quite a bit of data, but we weren't collecting it and really using it to our advantage (and frankly, the advantage of future attendees) and we knew we had to make that happen one way or another.

At our last social media event, Social Media Strategies Summit Chicago, we used hashtag tracker to monitor our twitter account and the #SMSSummit hashtag, which helped us keep tabs on who was saying what, and the totality of the social data we were collectively generating.

As with any data, it made a lot of sense for us to collect, but it made even more sense for us to quantify then analyze for trends, ideas, influencers, etc. From the hashtag report, we discovered who was tweeting the most, the type of tweets that were sent (photos, links, etc.), and we were able to gauge attendee sentiment - all great things for us to know as we continue hosting our events (and making them better and better each time).

The data was eye-opening, but not surprising, and it gave us some great new ideas we will be launching at some of our upcoming summits (which will be in NYC, London, Dallas, Boston, and San Francisco!).

Below is an infographic featuring the hashtag twitter data we were able to collect:

Thanks to all our attendees and speakers who got involved in our Twitter dialogue, something we always appreciate before, during, and after the events. A special shout to our top tweeters who kept the hashtag followers abreast of what was happening with the detailed play-by-play tweets that seemed to be appreciated!

In total we had 2828 hashtag mentions - let's blow that out of the water at #SMSSummit NYC!

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