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Leveraging Dark Social: How Can Brands Get Invited to the Conversation?

Did you know that 80% of your internet traffic isn’t being tracked?

There's been a shift in how we as consumers are showing up online. We want community on their own terms. 

In 2019, experts like Mark Zuckerburg & Gary Vaynerchuk believed the future of social to be moving towards private, and with an 80% link to brand conversations happening in private forums, this isn’t a trend that shows signs of slowing down. As brands, many are already seeing the impact!  

 With organic engagement reaching a low .09% average in 2019, how can one ensure their message is being seen, but more importantly, heard, using digital media without the constant pay-to-play model? 

In an age of digital content saturation, we're finding ourselves pushing to move our brands to the top of a sea of samesies.

Dark Social can be used for good to capture attention, amplify our message, and keep our audience coming back for more. Your brand can become a destination that attracts the right leads to your message without the constant need to spend more money on ads.

In this fast-paced, example-filled session we’ll learn:

  • How to get invited to the Dark Social conversations
  • Best practices to turn your followers into true fans, your clients into advocates, and your community into collaborators without an ad budget.
  • The art of capturing attention organically and the flywheel formula and tools it takes to keep it
  • How to activate conversation so your message is the "stand out" brand amongst the sea of samesies

Jessika Phillips
NOW Marketing Group

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