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George Olexa

Global Director of Social Media

In a career working across consumer electronics, financial services, B2B, and wine & spirits, George is a marketing leader with expertise in building global strategies for brands including American Express, BMW, Intel, and Sony. After a decade in the advertising industry, George relocated from New York to Los Angeles to build a social media influencer and content studio before relocating once again to join Intel where leads the tech company’s global social media strategy. He's passionate about the technology industry and the components that make our connected world run. In his spare time, George is an avid hiker (with his dog of course) and a wine enthusiast.

George Olexa’s Session(s):

12:10 pm–12:55 pm PT — Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Panel: Creating a High-Performing B2B Social Media Strategy

In this panel, you’ll hear from several brands within the B2B industry that will discuss topics including:

  • What B2B brands can learn from B2C, including connecting, engaging, and amplifying customer voices
  • Giving your B2B teams the tools they need to succeed on social media: attracting clients, branding their own social space, and defining how to use the brand’s creative assets
  • Strategic planning across a variety of social channels to drive B2B account engagement
  • Collaboration and planning together across departments (sales, marketing, ops, content, social media, and digital) on marketing to a B2B account
  • Customizing go-to-market strategies for B2B teams to be able to support the brand’s goals

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