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Kelly Stocker

Community Strategist
Kelly Stocker was building community before that was a thing. In her current role as a Senior Community Strategist at Khoros, she's helped launch dozens of enterprise communities that range from widely recognized technologies to boutique brands. Broadly-speaking, community is at the core of meaningful human experience. By creating a space for people to connect, create, and keep it real, businesses have the unique opportunity to serve their customers (and themselves.) 
Kelly Stocker lives in south Austin, Texas with her geriatric cat and a wayward chicken named Shirley.

Kelly Stocker’s Session

9:30 a.m.–10:15 a.m. Pacific Time — Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Panel: The Role of Community & UGC in Authentic Brand Storytelling

The role of community building and user-generated content has never been more important in facilitating an authentic brand experience. This panel will explore how each of these brands has tapped into their community of brand advocates 

Topics include:

  • When and with what types of content you should encourage with user-generated content
  • How to balance + empower user-generated content with maintaining your own brand identity & standards
  • Other benefits of UGC beyond content creation
  • Maintaining an ongoing relationship with your loyal community of brand followers
  • How to translate UGC and community-driven content into compelling brand storytelling
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