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Thursday, October 29, 2020    11:45 am–12:30 pm PDT

Attention is Everything: Using Video to Build Brand Love and Drive Action

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Earning your customer’s attention is everything. Nothing can be achieved without it. Only once you’ve captured it can you ask someone to share, subscribe, or buy. (And winning attention is hard to do when a person is scrolling through 300 feet of mobile content per day). Video as a creative medium is unparalleled in its ability to grab attention, build brand love, and drive action. This session teaches marketers to build strategies that stop-the-scroll by:

  • Understanding the key differences in user mindset and creative strategy across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok in the eyes of a marketer and a user. 
  • Applying universal creative best practices across platforms and the neuroscience behind why they work.
  • Efficiently creating video assets that will capture attention and drive action.


Carly Potock

Charlene Tassinari

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