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Sarah McQuaide

Manager, Communications & Marketing
Columbus Regional Airport Authority

Sarah McQuaide leads communications and marketing for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, which operates John Glenn International, Rickenbacker International and Bolton Field airports in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Sarah brings over a decade of experience to her role with CRAA, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication from The Ohio State University. Her passion for public service, zest for storytelling and commitment to lifelong learning lend well to her work with key message development, crisis communications, employee engagement, PR, media relations and omnichannel marketing. Her work has been recognized by the Public Relations Society of America, City-County Communications & Marketing Association and other industry leaders.

Sarah McQuaide’s Session

12:30 pm–1:15 pm PT — Thursday, May 13, 2021

Panel: Beyond the Suit and Tie: How to Define a Brand Voice and Tone That's Conversational and Engaging

There are many nuances to brand voice across social channels: When is it okay (and NOT okay) to be funny? How can you create a brand voice that uniquely represents your agency? What are some key guidelines for keeping your brand voice consistent across channels? What does it mean to use a conversational, casual tone with your audience while also getting out the critical info they need to know? How should brand voice be adapted to today’s climate?

This panel will address these questions and more, diving into how brand voice and brand engagement go hand-in-hand, and how good content and timely responses are the key to building trust.

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