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The Death of Content as King

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From the new book, "The Death of Content as King: How a Data Democracy has Revolutionized Marketing." Social media has experienced a once-in-a-century paradigm shift over the past few years as content tactics of yesteryear fail and data-driven strategies have revolutionized the way students interact with platforms. The ever-changing algorithms and diminishing reach of organic content on major platforms will require new framework models and a modern consumer journey that takes advantage of the available data.

Key Takeaways:
-An analysis of what has changed as mature and unicorn platforms have emphasized user-generated content while making institutional content pay-to-play.
-An introduction of a new modern consumer journey that replaces the over hundred-year-old AIDA model and embraces data as the voice of the student with actionable data-driven stages.
-Provide a new data framework model that universities can deploy to find valuable, organizable, targetable, and explainable data across their organization.


Jon Hinderliter
Director of Marketing and Communications
University College at Washington University in St. Louis

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